It is true that SRE specializes in MOPAR engines, any and all of them and have been the first to build many prototypes.  Nevertheless, SRE has grown to like Chevys as well and have built and many exotic high HP big and small Chevy combinations.  From a stock engine refresh, to Pro Stock engines, to designing an engine that has never been built, we have done it.  All engine machining can be performed either on site or at one of our machining partners locally.  All engine design, assembly, and dyno testing is only performed by Eric, no apprentice learning on your motor.

Low volume, high quality and very high HP is what we do.   Naturally aspirated, blown, or EFI, meticulous care, intelligent design, precision machining, and precise tuning are what make a SRE engine meet and exceed it's design specifications. View Shelton Engine in action! Please call for your next engine project.




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