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Shelton Racing Enterprises, Inc. proudly owns a state of the art SuperFlow 902 Dynamometer with over 10 years of operator experience.
After many years of renting dyno time on other's dyno beginning in 1990s on the Atlanta Speed Shop's SuperFlow 800 Dyno, I realized to build the best racing engines you must have a dyno to test, tune and make sure your work is as designed before it leaves the shop.  For a professional engine builder, a repeatable, precise dyno is mandatory.

I spared no expense in the construction of this dyno cell and associated equipment.  The SRE Dyno Facility is one of the nicest in the Southeast.  I completed dyomometer training at Superflow's headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado and my facility was inspected and certified by Superflow in 2006.  

The dyno features an independent thermostatically controlled air system that feeds the engine while the cell creates a vacuum to remove all engine fumes so engine air is not contaminate during testing. 

SRE Engine Dynamometer Services -  Mitch Fuselier's 1250ci pump gas street cruiser made 6130hp and 627tq on 93 octane.

Hellcat Challengers and Chargers beware, Mitch's 67 GTX is 1300lbs lighter.  Call SRE and reserve your dyno session now.

SRE can dyno any V8 engine up to 2000 foot pounds of torque. 











 Windyne Software                        Twin air turbines                                      Twin fuel flow meters                    

 Built-in twin starters                Quick-change universal bell housings     Exhaust Gas thermocouples (EGTs)

 O2 sensor                         Docking carts                              Multiple ignition systems

 Oil temp in pan                     2000 ft. pound torque                               Large input shaft

No one wants to install a new engine only to find out there are problems or you lost power "during shipping".  dyno engines as will as muscle car engines benefit from dyno sessions where all issues are fixed, the air/ful ratio is optimized, ideal timing is determined, oiling is optimized, the motor has the power it is supposed to have, and of course,  "no leaks" of any type.    

Taking your engine to a dyno for the first time

"What you need to know about a engine dyno Facility"