The seeds for Shelton Racing Enterprises were planted in the early 1970's. Having grown up in Washington, D.C., a mecca of hot-rodding and drag racing, Eric began wrenching at the age of 15. Summer jobs at Douglas Speed Sport Center, in Silver Spring Md., funded his first engine project at the age of 17. Eric ompleted the big block Mopar in his 1969 Roadrunner just in time to drive it to Atlanta to attend college and to begin his collegiate football career.
Eric Shelton incorporated his professional racing operations, engine building, fabrication and parts sales business in 1997, after operating as a sole proprietorship for nine years.

The 1998 MOPAR nationals in Columbus, Oh., found Eric being the number 1 qualifier in the Q-16 with his new FBS head engine. After that, an opportunity surfaced for Eric to build the first NRC Covalt 32-valve big block Chrysler which enabled him to experience new engine development first hand. After that, Eric was ask to build the first "Predator" head engine by Newman Racing Components and then was selected to compete in Mopar's first" Moparts Engine Builder Challenge".  Eric's determination to develop more horsepower and speed began with bracket racing, NHRA Super Gas, SuperComp, Quick-16s & Quick-8s, and ended up competing in NHRA Pro Stock from 2000 to 2004.   Eric has always driven what he built.

Eric purchased his current shop in 1998 and is still located at 1215 Heard Place SW in Atlanta, GA.  Always building and testing new race and pump gas engine combinations, Eric occasionally sells to the public when the shop fills up and will build any custom engine upon request. .  Eric's passion is for the exotic project that challenges his 41+ years building high performance engines and no engine leaves his shop until he is satisfied with the product that will carry his name.  

"I always treat every customer the way I would want someone to treat me" is the principal Eric adheres to that has kept the doors open a long time.