Shelton Racing Enterprises, Inc.
1215 Heard Place SW Atlanta, GA, 30310
Shop phone: (404)758-7451

Shelton Racing Enterprises, Inc. Atlanta, GA. - I operate a small shop

that builds some of the best quality performance engines in the Southeast.

I built my first engine in 1975 (383BB Mopar) and have been at this over 41

years. I started Drag Racing in my 20's and other racers asked me to

build them one since they liked the way mine performed. That is how this

business got started. Making my engines better (than what is currently out

there) is my passion, I take pride in my work and stand behind anything I

send out my door.

"I treat every customer the way I would want someone to treat me"..

 Many customers come to me with complex engine projects that they want

right the first time. I also freshen motors, dyno/test/ tune any engine, and

fix engines problems that the last person was not able to fix. Call me

and let's discuss your next engine project.

Eric Shelton